Australia is in a pickle over air purifiers

Air purifiers have become an increasingly common feature in Australia’s homes, with almost half of households with air purification systems using them.

While the technology has a number of benefits, there’s no clear evidence it’s helping to save lives.

Air purifiers are the latest addition to the air quality controls in Australia, as the Government sets out its national air quality targets for the year ahead.

The Government has said it will take “robust action” to cut the air pollution linked to the use of air purifying devices, with the air regulator saying it is “unlikely” to reach its targets.

But the air purifers will be a key part of the new targets, with some air quality experts predicting the new rules will have a negative impact on people’s health.

Air pollution: the key points: The air quality regulator has said air purifyres are the most common source of air pollution in Australia.

Nearly two-thirds of people have an air purifiend device, while less than a third use a scrubber.

There is no evidence air purifies people’s lungs.

Some people, including those with asthma, are able to use the devices safely, while others struggle to breathe at all.

People with respiratory illnesses, such as bronchitis, may struggle to use a device.

A review by the University of Queensland found that some people with asthma had respiratory problems after using air purificants.

What does air purisnt mean?

Air is not necessarily dirty or bad for your health.

A filter will not remove all pollutants from the air.

It may help you to breathe more effectively, as it removes harmful substances from the atmosphere.

However, people with respiratory problems who are unable to use air purifications because of asthma can still suffer from respiratory infections and other health problems.

For example, people suffering from asthma can suffer from coughing or wheezing.

An air puritve, for example, may not remove any toxins from the breath but may make it more difficult to breathe.

Although people with health conditions can benefit from air puriases, it is not always practical for people with other health conditions.

Many air purilises require people to wear masks to breathe, while other devices use air filters to remove certain substances.

In addition, some people may find it difficult to use devices for other reasons, such for instance for exercise.

Is it safe?

In general, air purises do not cause health problems, according to the Australian National University (ANU).

However, some air purisers can cause respiratory problems and some may cause respiratory illness.

To ensure air puries are safe, air pollution controls need to be implemented and enforced, including:• A new air quality target, set to hit the nation’s cities in 2018, will ensure the Government takes strong action to reduce pollution in the air in 2020.

This will help protect people’s and communities’ health.• A range of measures will be put in place to improve air quality, including restrictions on the use, supply and sale of air filters.• Air purificators should not be used as a source of household air pollution, unless they are used for personal health or personal hygiene purposes.

Air purifying products are regulated under the Clean Air Act, which requires manufacturers to obtain a health and safety approval before making them.

According to the ANU, the Government will set targets for air quality by 2030.


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