More than a dozen hospitals have announced they will accept Ebola vaccine for patients

Several hospitals in the United States are reportedly set to accept the vaccine for their Ebola patients.

The Dallas Morning News reported on Thursday that at least three hospitals are scheduled to start accepting the vaccine on Tuesday, with others expected to begin taking the vaccine in the coming days.

The Morning News also reported that New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley told a gathering of the American Medical Association that the city will accept the Ebola vaccine on Wednesday.

The vaccine will also be distributed to other states in the country.

Farley said the city’s response to the Ebola outbreak was well-coordinated and thorough, with hospitals treating more than 200 patients in just the first week.

He added that the public health agency will also work with other federal and local health agencies to distribute the vaccine to other regions in the U.S. to keep the virus contained.

Farly said that the vaccine will be distributed through local health departments and other partners.

Many hospitals are expected to have a large number of patients, Farley added.

He also said that if any patients are infected in Dallas and continue to spread the virus, the city and its health department will work with the federal government to quarantine them.

As of Friday, a total of 26 people have died from the Ebola virus, which has killed more than 5,000 people in West Africa, according to WHO data.

The United States has seen a total 4,532 Ebola deaths since the virus first emerged in Guinea and Liberia, according the United Nations.

A total of 7,788 new cases have been confirmed, with the death toll likely to continue rising as the virus is contained in West African nations.


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