Jade Air Purifier Is A New Way To Clean Your Water Sources Newsweek

Jade Air purifier is a new product from the brand Sams which claims to “purify air, water, and soil, and restore the vitality of your home”.

The product is named after the Indian deity of water, Indra.

The brand also claims to have a “unique process for purifying air, air, and water”, and to “reduce the pH of your air”.

Sams said that the Jade Air was developed to “give you more energy, improve your health and well-being, and help you keep the air clean”.

The Jade Air is made up of a silicone-gel filtration device, a vacuum pump, a micro-dish and a water filter.

According to the company, the filter can be used to clean water “up to a pH of 5.5”.

According to its website, the Jade air purifiers “provide a clean and pure, clean and clear environment for plants and animals to thrive”.

According a Sams press release, “it is only natural to purify the air in the house and we are here to show you how to do it.”

Sams’ website claims that the purification process takes only 10 minutes and costs $99 for the filter and micro-drinking apparatus.

According the company’s press release: “Our air purification is not only about removing toxins from the air, but it also purifies the water in the water cycle and in the air.

You will be able to feel a difference within the first two weeks of using our air purifying product.”

The Jade air filter can “displace toxic gases and pollution into the air”, while the micro-disc can “remove toxins from your system, and the food you eat”, according to the Sams website.

Sams Air purification products are not yet available to buy.


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