How much do you really know about the purifier that cleans your home?

PureZone air purifiers have been around for decades, but now, thanks to a new patent filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office, we can finally get a handle on how they work.

The patent, filed last month, describes a way to filter the air around the air purifying system.

It’s not quite a perfect system, as the patent explains that it relies on air pressure to filter out contaminants, and it only works on air in a “natural environment” (such as a bedroom).

The patent describes an “air purifier” that can filter out the air in an apartment.

Here’s how it worksPureZone is a company that makes a wide range of air purification systems, including some that purify the air inside your home, like the “PureAir Purifier”, which filters out air from your house.

The patent is based on a “purification system and method”, which purifies the air using a chemical process that relies on a process that removes contaminants from the air.

This patent describes a method of filtering air to remove contaminants from air, which purifiers are usually based onThe patent is also pretty interesting: PureZone describes an air purified home as a “naturally clean environment”.

It’s based on an air filter, which means the air can’t get in or out of the filter.

In fact, the patent notes that the “purifier can filter any air, water, or any other air source that comes in contact with it”.

There’s also a way the patent describes how it purifies air in the bedroom, because the air needs to pass through a filter before it can reach the purifying air purizer.

It’s not clear if PureZone’s purifier uses the same process used to filter air in homes.

The company’s patent does give the following example of a “pure environment”, in which the purifiers purify air in natural environments (such a bedroom) using a process called a “liquid vapor deposition”.

The liquid vapor deposition process is what purifies filtered air, but it can’t filter out all the air it purges.

So, is the patent’s patent perfect?

It’s hard to say.

We’ve contacted PureZone for comment, and we’ll update the story if we hear back.

In any case, this patent is pretty cool, especially given the recent flurry of patent filings around purifiers.

The first one, from last month and titled “Purifying air through a liquid-like substance”, is one of the coolest.

The other two, filed by PureZone last year, describe a process for purifying a water purifier by using a liquid in a bath of liquid nitrogen, which is then heated to about 500 degrees Celsius.

It sounds like a great solution to purify your air, and, as it happens, PureZone already makes a purifier using liquid nitrogen.

This is also good news for anyone who wants to clean up their home’s air.

Purifiers are expensive, and if you have an expensive air purger that you can’t afford, you’re out of luck.


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