Trump Jr.: I’m ‘going to fight’ over my father’s ‘cuckoo’ air purifiers

Donald Trump Jr. is saying he’s “going to continue to fight” over the Air Purifier ban, after his father, Donald Trump, Jr., was criticized by a top adviser for the ban.

The White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, said Tuesday the Trump Jr., who was named on Monday to serve as an adviser on the executive orders, has not spoken directly to the president about the issue.

She did, however, offer her thoughts on the ban, saying, “There are going to be some who are going forward to fight to ensure the executive order remains in place.”

Trump Jr., meanwhile, said his father is a “big fan of clean air and clean water,” adding, “He’s been very supportive of clean water and clean air.”

Sanders said her boss had also spoken with him about the executive actions.

“He believes that the ban is important for protecting the health and safety of American citizens, and so I’m confident that he’ll continue to support this and we’ll see what happens,” she said.

But the president’s son, who served as a senior adviser to the White House during the campaign and in the weeks before his father’s inauguration, said in a Twitter post that he’s been “going through a lot” of paperwork and that he “would never be able to make any decision on this” without his father.

He said that he had “been on a lot of meetings, a lot more meetings” and “wasnt happy about it.”

In a tweet Monday, he also said he was “trying to get the green light” on the order, but he could not, and instead would “continue to fight for our country.”

The president’s eldest son, Trump Jr, said he has been told by aides that his father would be supportive of the executive action, but that the White Houses “internal process” would determine if the ban was legal.

“I have been advised by several senior White House officials that I have not been given the green signal on this Executive Order,” Trump Jr said.

“The President is a big fan of Clean Air and Clean Water.

I will continue to oppose it and fight for it in court.

I think its just a silly and politically motivated effort.”

The executive order bans people from entering the country who have had a pet cockroach on their person for two days or more.

It is also designed to protect the health of Americans who have pets.

Sanders said the president was not in contact with the administration regarding the order.

She said there is an ongoing discussion between the White house and various stakeholders.

Sanders also said Trump Jr’s tweet about the ban “appears to be inaccurate.”

Trump has a pet roach, but the president is not sure how many pets he has, she said, adding, “[He] is not aware of any pet cockroaches.”


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