What do you do when your air purifiers don’t work?

The New Scientist article article The UK’s public health watchdog is warning people to avoid using air purifying products because they could make them more prone to getting respiratory infections.

A report from the Department of Health (DH) last month said people should not use air purification products for more than two weeks because it could lead to respiratory infections, but the regulator has now issued a caution to people not to use air cleaners for longer than that.

The department said the products were not tested on animals and there was no evidence that they were safe for people to use for prolonged periods of time.

A spokesman for the department said: “In a review of the evidence, DH believes that it is unlikely that air purifies for longer periods of duration than the advertised two weeks.”

He added: “We also believe that there is insufficient evidence to support the use of air purifyers for longer durations than advertised.”

As a result, DH is advising people not use these products for longer, including for longer time periods than advertised.

“The regulator also said there was “no evidence to suggest that air cleaners cause adverse health effects” when used for longer lengths of time than advertised and people should only use them for a few minutes a day.

However, the report also found air cleaners were not as effective as other methods of cleaning air in treating asthma and the risk of breathing problems could increase if people use them in large numbers.

The DH said the product was not marketed to be used for more or shorter periods than recommended.

It said there had been no recent scientific research into whether air cleaners had a protective effect.

The report said there were also no studies to support that air cleansers were safer than other cleaning products.

However there was some research suggesting that using air cleaners could help reduce symptoms of asthma, it said.

The regulator has also warned against using air cleanser products to remove stains from carpets and carpets in the home or washing machines.

The spokesman said: ‘There is no evidence to show that using an air cleaner is associated with any health or safety risks to users, nor that using these products could result in a more efficient washing operation.”

It is important to note that the advice in the DH report about the use and safety of air cleaners is general advice and should not be taken as medical advice or medical advice from a GP or other healthcare professional.’

The DH is not in a position to recommend specific products for use in certain settings, and advice from our advice on air cleaners should not necessarily be followed.’


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