‘The Big Bang Theory’ star Dee Bradley Baker is a ‘totally geeky’ DIY air purifying fan

The Big Bang Time was born out of the need to create a more sustainable and efficient energy source, according to Dee Bradley Barker.

“We wanted to make a really cool fan and we thought, ‘Well, what’s the coolest way to do that?'”

Barker tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“We thought, well, how can we make a fan that’s completely geeky and not take up too much space?”

She’s right.

We’ve created a fan for Dee Bradley to take on a different type of task than her regular fan.

You can imagine how excited she is to see it, since she’s not one to stay up late watching the latest episode of her show.

She’s been doing it all morning, and she’s even turned on the fans in her garage, too.

“My whole garage is a place where I put the air purifiers, the fans and everything,” she explains.

“I’m very passionate about this stuff, so it was kind of fun to get to do it.”

Barker’s fan uses an aluminum tube, which is then mounted in a “mini-fan” with a copper nozzle.

“You can get it up to 10 feet tall,” she says.

“It’s really fun to build it.”

While Dee Bradley has been a fan since the show’s inception, she says she’s only started making her own fan.

“This is actually the first time I’ve made a fan,” she tells THR.

“Now that I have it, I’m like, ‘Oh, I have this, this is a cool fan!'”

The fan is built out of aluminum tubing, which then sits in a copper fan with a small aluminum nozzle, and it has a height of up to a foot and a width of five feet.

“The fan goes up to 5 feet and it goes through a hole,” she continues.

“That is the size of my arm.”

“The Big Builders’ Fan” is the second fan in Barker’s garage, after a DIY fan she built for her son, who also has a fan.

Barker also has another fan, which she also builds out of copper tubing.

The fan has a diameter of 15 inches and is attached to a wall by a screw, while Barker’s is a 3-inch-long, 12-foot-long fan.

Barkers “fan” is a little smaller than her typical fan, but the length of it is enough to power a microwave.

“Because the air in my garage is so cold, I was using a fan to cool the air,” she adds.

“So, the fan has this really low-noise output.”