Australia’s first air purifier to hit market in 18 months – News Corp

A $500,000 air purification system developed by the Australian Federal Government is due to hit the market this year.

News Corp Australia has revealed the device will be sold in New South Wales and Victoria, the first of a number of regional markets the government hopes to reach.

Read moreWhat you need to know about air purifiersA $500 million air purging system developed to combat the spread of the coronavirus will be rolled out to New South and regional markets.

The Air Purifier is designed to clean out your home, the car and the air in your neighbourhood.

It has two main parts: the system, which is controlled by a remote control, and a sensor, which detects the air and can be programmed to collect and collect more samples.

“It will be available in NSW and Victoria as well as the ACT, as we have seen a significant uptake in the state,” the company’s president of corporate development Andrew Wilson told the ABC.

In New South Australia, the system will be the same size as a normal home air purger, and costs $500 a year.

Mr Wilson said the Air Purger would be used by the vast majority of New South residents, and the first to be sold to the public.

When the system was introduced in November, it was expected to be available for around 10,000 households across the state.

But the Government says the market is already saturated, with around half of the 1.8 million homes in New England using it, and more than 100,000 homes in Victoria.

A second product, the Air Saver, was also rolled out in October, but has yet to hit retail shelves.

While the first product has been sold in Australia for more than two years, it is expected to only be sold for a few months.

News Corp Australia says the air purify system is expected for sale in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland in the next six months.


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